Melanie Deegan Sculpture
Contemporary sculpture for homes and gardens

Melanie is a professional sculptor based in Somerset and frequently uses wire as a way of capturing form, drawing the shape in the air before developing the sculpture further.

“The ability to capture movement in any form of art has always interested me and this has been a strong influence in many of the sculptures I create. The challenge is not just to suggest the action of an animal or figure in motion but also to give them a sense of purpose, to try and understand how it feels to be there.”

Most sculptures begin with a wire or steel armature, this is essentially the drawing process and allows the proportions, position and bone structure to be determined. Onto this the layers are built up almost as if adding muscles and soft tissue to the piece. These layers consist of resins or plasters and other materials, they will vary as the sculpture develops to achieve different effects. This part of the procedure is not entirely precise and adds an interesting dimension to the creative process.

Sculptures are available for sale at galleries in the South West. Pieces may also be commissioned to your own specification. Sculptures are also available in bronze or pewter.

Please contact Melanie if you are interested in learning more about sculpture workshops and tuition.

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