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You must be a Somerset, UK, based arts and culture practitioner, business, community group, venue, theatre, organisation or self-employed person to submit a listing. Or you may be a national or regional arts and culture organisation that operates in Somerset.

You may be associated with the following arts and culture disciplines (not exhaustive list): Dance, Literature, Theatre, Music, Visual Arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, ceramics, etc.) Community Group, Film & Media, Events, Comedy, Creative Writing, Disco/DJ, Food & Craft, Public Garden, History & Heritage, Festivals, Traditional Arts, Teaching, Consultancy, Tourism, Design, Photography, Making & Producing, General Entertainment, Venues & Galleries and many more.

If you are a private individual who wants to support us and the arts and culture sector in Somerset, or a creative person but do not wish to have a directory profile you can join SABCA via our main website like many individuals have done already. Visit SABCA Main Website Here.

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Somerset Arts Business & Cultural Alliance CIC (SABCA) is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company Registered in England No.12197272.

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